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Hi, We're the Courtneys. Thank you for visiting our 'Courtneys of Whimple' website.

As a small Family run business, we are passionate about Apples and everything 'Apple' related. We strive to create the very best products using Apples grown from our own Traditional West Country Cider Orchard where we live and work. Everything is natural, we don't spray our trees or use fertilisers, letting biodiversity do the job for us! Our Apples are grown, picked, pressed and bottles all in the same location. You can’t get fresher than that.

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About Us

We all play our part in the business & go out and about to sell our wares at Farmers Markets & Food Fares as well as selling via shops, pubs, restaurants, cafes & tea shops etc.

In the past we used to pick all the apples in the orchard, they were transported to Somerset together with other Whimple apples to be made into Cider. Unfortunately, the contract was cancelled, as imported, concentrated, juice became more popular.

For about 5 years after that, we just let most of our apples rot on the ground, which really was a crime!


We then started to supply a reputable Cider maker in South Devon, precariously driving up Haldon Hill with a trailer full of wobbly apple sacks. We had a puncture one day and had to leave the trailer in a layby & just got back to it in time to see someone hitching it up to their vehicle, ready to pinch it!

Those were the days, before investing in our own pressing equipment & embarking on our own business, which means, now we can help other people who need their apples pressed and we will never let our own beautiful apples rot on the ground again.

We were optimistic when we set out but could never have forecast the popularity of our Ciders and the long list of prestigious Prizes we have won. Hard work, but very rewarding.



The Old Cider Orchard was planted by Whiteways around 100 years ago. They used an interesting & wide variety of apples chosen to make a fine blend of cider.

As the older original trees fall in the orchard, we re-plant with old Devon varieties. At present there are about 430 trees. The old apple wood is cut up for the wood burner to keep us warm in winter. The pulp left after pressing is piled up in a huge heap,it smells great & when bagged up makes a delicious treat for our sheep & the local farmers cattle.

The orchard is a haven for wild life, all foraging & feasting on seasonal goodies. Woodpeckers live in the holes in the old trees and the bees from the bee hives help pollinate the trees to ensure a good crop. We don't spray the trees or use chemicals.


Our sheep roam, eat the grass & have their lambs in the orchard in the Spring. In Autumn the hedgerows are bursting with wild fruit & berries.

The children will have wonderful lifetime memories of playing, looking after the lambs, and blackberrying, collecting big bowls full of luscious fruit for Ma to use.

Tucked away in rural Devon, the orchard is far away from pollution & car exhaust fumes. Nature has provided us with such an abundance of resources, which perhaps we hadn't appreciated before. The orchard has been revitalized.



Wicked Pilgrim
This traditional cider is made in the Cider Village' of Whimple. We use un-sprayed cider apples grown in naturally managed ancient orchards, maintaining the biodiversity & wildlife, upholding the craft for future generations.
Price: £10.00
Gift Card
Gift Cards are delivered by email and contain a code that your recipient can use in the checkout on our website. Please specify in customer notes in the checkout, the email address you wish for it to be sent to.
Price: £10.00
Create a Case
Fill up a case of 3, 4 or 12 bottles and choose from our Cider range including our traditional, fruit and low alcohol ciders.
Price: £10.00, £13.50, £36.00
Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for many health and culinary uses since ancient times. It is made from freshly crushed, hand picked apples that have been fermented naturally. Our Devon Apple Cider Vinegar is unpasteurised and is bottled complete with the natural 'Mother'.
Price: £2.50
Prize Bull Bag in Box 20 litres
Medium Dry Cider Traditional Still Farmhouse Cider Made in Whimple, Devon, on our old Whiteways Orchards. 20 Litres 4.5%
Price: £48.00
Mixed Cider Gift Pack of 3
Traditional Gift Box includes: Silly Cow, Whimple Orchards and Chris P Bacon Fruit cider box Includes: Mango, Strawberry & Lime and Mixed Berries.
Price: £10.00
Silly Cow Bag in Box
Our Silly Cow Medium Cider is naturally fermented using only the natural yeasts on our Devon apple skins, without the use of Sulphites. 10 Litres, 20 Litres and 30 Litre Doilum
Price: £50.00
Courtney's Light
A refreshing and fruit low alcohol cider that has been carefully blended to create this authentic apple drink. The same great taste as our traditional cider but low in alcohol. Full flavoured medium cider pressed with 100% apples.
Price: £10.00
Frapple - Mango
A crisp apple cider with a blend of mango.Deliciously Fruity and refreshing.
Price: £10.00
Frapple - Strawberry & Lime
A crisp apple cider with a blend of Strawberry & Lime.Deliciously Fruity and refreshing.
Price: £10.00
Frapple - Mixed Berries
A crisp apple cider with a blend of mixed berries. Deliciously Fruity and refreshing.
Price: £10.00
Whimple Orchards
Whimple Orchards is an award-winning premium sparkling cider. A Distinctive blend of West Country Cider apples, which are handpicked and pressed with care by the Courtney Family.
Price: £10.00
Chris P. Bacon
Our Chris P Bacon Cider is a fine blend of orchard apples traditionally pressed into a satisfying mellow cider. Contains Sulphites. Medium Sweet 5.2% Vol
Price: £10.00
Exmoor Rebel
Exmoor Rebel is a fine blend of orchard apples, traditionally pressed into a satisfying mellow cider. Contains Sulphites. Medium Sweet 4.6% Vol
Price: £10.00
Mixed Devon Cider Gift Pack of 4
Silly Cow
Our award winning Silly Cow Medium Cider is naturally fermented using only the natural yeasts on our Devon apple skins, without the use of Sulphites.
Price: £10.00

Juicing and Cider Making Courses


10 AM - 3 PM


here on our small Cider farm just 15 minutes from Exeter, Devon.

Join us on this fun, informative and hands-on workshop:

Tour of the Courtney’s Cider Orchards
Learn about Orcharding and apple Varieties
Get hands on picking and pressing your own apples
Taste your way around different Juice varieties
Learn how to make your own cider at home
Opportunity to buy/order some of the best equipment available to continue your newly learned skills
To find out more about the course or to book a space

Vigo Presses

apple pressing &
Bottling service

Ideally we need your best apples to be bagged in 25kg bags (available from Vigo Presses). Never use rotten apples for pressing juice. The golden rule is that you don't press what you wouldn't want to eat.
We then washing your delicious apples until sparkling clean.
crushing & pressing
The clean apples are then crushed into pulp and pressed to extract the delicious juice.
bottling & packaging
We can bottle your juice into 750ml Green or Clear Glass Bottles which will be followed by pasteurising to help maintain the shelf life of your juice.

apples CONTACT US apples

Email Us: [email protected]
Call Us: 01404 822925

apples WHERE TO FIND US apples

Whimple, Exeter, Devon

apples PRICE apples

Minimum of 10 sacks of apples for our pressing service, which includes washing,pressing,bottling and pasteurising Bottles,pouches and bags available - Price on Application

apples APPLE FACTS apples

  • Apples are 25% air, which is why they float in water.
  • There are more than 7,500 varieties of apples grown around the world. It would take you more than 20 years to try them all if were to eat one a day!
  • Apples are a member of the rose family of plants, which also includes pears, peaches, cherries and plums.