Orchard Trees

The Old Cider Orchard was planted by Whiteways around 100 years ago. They used an interesting & wide variety of apples chosen to make a fine blend of cider.

As the older original trees fall in the orchard, we re-plant with old Devon varieties. At present there are about 430 trees. The old apple wood is cut up for the wood burner to keep us warm in winter. The pulp left after pressing is piled up in a huge heap,it smells great & when bagged up makes a delicious treat for our sheep & the local farmers cattle.

The orchard is a haven for wild life, all foraging & feasting on seasonal goodies. Woodpeckers live in the holes in the old trees and the bees from the bee hives help pollinate the trees to ensure a good crop. We don't spray the trees or use chemicals.

Orchard Apples

Our sheep roam, eat the grass & have their lambs in the orchard in the Spring. In Autumn the hedgerows are bursting with wild fruit & berries.

The children will have wonderful lifetime memories of playing, looking after the lambs, and blackberrying, collecting big bowls full of luscious fruit for Ma to use.

Tucked away in rural Devon, the orchard is far away from pollution & car exhaust fumes. Nature has provided us with such an abundance of resources, which perhaps we hadn't appreciated before. The orchard has been revitalized.